Best Camping Mug

Going camping is an enjoyable time for everyone involved and can lead to memories that last a lifetime for friends and family members. Having the right supplies to go camping can make the difference between a great camping experience and an average one. Some people think tents, generators and flashlights are the most important objects to bring camping but little things matter too. Mugs might be small but play an important role in keeping liquids cold or hot when you are outdoors. You can’t easily heat up or cool liquid quickly so read on to find the best camping mug available.

How to choose to the best camping mug

Choosing a mug for camping can be difficult but doesn’t have to be. You can easily go to your local camping store and ask to see their best selling mugs for camping. You’ll be sure to find a winner but it might not meet your price point and you might struggle to get a color or style you like in a store. Searching online and doing your research is a great way to find the right camping mug that fits your specific needs. However, there are four mugs that are agreed on by the camping community as being sure fire picks to be the best.

You don’t have to do any research if you use any of these four mugs. Every little piece of camping equipment really matters so it is important to choose a mug wisely. They will be sure to keep your liquids at your desired temperature and get the job done right so you can enjoy the outdoors the way they were meant to be enjoyed, with your family. Here are the four best mugs we’ve found to be camping friendly and get the job done right while you’re in the outdoors.

Reviews of the Top Camping & Backpacking Mugs

Snow Peak Stainless Mug

This stainless steel mug comes with a cost-effective price tag of $35. It holds 10 oz of liquid and is a vacuum-sealed mug so you never have to worried about leakage or losing any precious liquids inside of the mug. It’s the newest mug in Snow Peak’s line of camping mugs and you can rest assured that it holds its value and will last for many years. It has double wall insulation to keep your drinks as cool as you desire or warm as you desire. You never have to worry about missing a beat with this stainless steel mug and it comes in a variety of different colors for you to choose from.

Hydro Flask Mug

Hydro Flask is a very reputable brand that makes high quality mugs and water bottles. Their coffee mug is perfect for camping and travel because of its reliability and durability. It’s only #30 and holds 12 oz of liquid which is perfect for anyone who needs to carry their drinks with them and need to have a little more liquid than most mugs. It’s been proven to keep drinks either hot or cold for up to twenty four hours in the worst of outdoor conditions. You could be in the desert or you could be in the arctic tundra but this mug will keep your drinks at your desired temperature for a day’s worth of time.

Yeti Rambler

Yeti is yet another well known brand that has grown in popularity over the last decade and continues to increase its brand awareness by making high quality products. The Yeti Rambler is a flagship mug for the brand because of its durability and history of success in the past. Plus, it has an ultra cost-effective price tag of only $20 and can be found at most stores that sell camping supplies. It’s also available in a variety of attractive colors to pick from. This mug is so heavy duty and that’s why it’s a top pick for many campers who need to keep their liquids temperature controlled to their liking.

CamelBak Mug

Rounding out the list is a very popular brand with an even more popular mug. CamelBak is known for their backpacks that can transport a ton of liquids for camping trips, but their mugs are just as great. These mugs include a rugged finish on the outer coating to keep liquids warm or cold for up to six hours. It also has double vacuum security and a secure lid to prevent spillage. It’s a heavy-duty mug that is only priced around $25 so it’s very cost effective. If you’re looking for a reliable mug from a proven brand then this mug might be the one for you. When talking about the best camping mug out there, the CamelBak mug is definitely in the conversation.

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