The Best Camping Fans For You

Camping is always fun and games until the heat exceeds and you start hyperventilating. This, therefore, gives you a reason to look for a good portable fan to carry with you on your camping expedition. A good portable fan will help to keep you cool during the adventures and in the mood. There are several types of portable camping fans available for you in the market. Some fans are large enough to keep an eight-person tent cool. On the other hand, we have some that are small for personal use or small tents. In the review, we will have a look at some of the best camping fans for you.

How To Choose a Camping Fan

It should be Portable

A good camping fan should be light and small in size. However, you should note that the size impacts the functioning and effectiveness of the fan. Therefore if you are looking for a strong and powerful fan for your camping, lightweight fans aren’t for you. You have to choose between portability and power. If you are the kind of person who carries many gears, you should go for portability. If you are going on long camping expeditions with your friends, you should go for power. The weight does have not only an impact on portability but also the performance. Before making a purchase, you should look at the weight of the product.

The Running Time

There are different types of power fans that use different sources of power. We have those that use batteries and others that use power banks. The running time depends on several factors. One factor is the power of the fun. The more powerful a fun is, the more batteries it uses. Most fans run from 2hours to 50hours. Therefore you should choose the right one that fits your camping habit. The run time will also depend on the type of power you are using.

The Best Tent Fans Reviewed

Odoland Portable LED Camping Fan

This is a multi-purpose fan that also acts as a lantern lamp. The fan goes for less than $15. It has a hook for you to mount on the tent. It uses two D batteries and is pretty quiet. The fan does not have much power since it uses batteries, and the breeze isn’t that strong. One advantage of the fan/lamp is that it has two hinges that enable the user to point the fun and the lamp differently. The fan runs for five hours while on a high setting, according to the manufacturers. People who have used the fan have a different opinion as they say it runs much longer. The fan also has both high and low settings. You can increase the fan’s lifespan by turning off the lights while they are not in use.

Geek Aire Rechargeable Outdoor High-Velocity Fan

You won’t go wrong with this fan for your camping. It might not be lightweight or highly portable, but it has some outstanding features. One advantage is that it uses a Lyons rechargeable battery with a capacity of 15600mAh. It comes with its charger and only takes about 4hours to be fully charged. The airflow in this fan is also amazing, with an average output of 1500 CMF max. The fan can run up to 24hours depending on your settings. Another cool thing about the fun is that it has a Led battery life indicator to show you the charge usage. This will help you know when to charge your fan and avoid surprises. The fan has a USB port that can be used to charge other electronic devices. This means it can act as an alternative power bank. Another reason you buy should buy the fan it comes with an AC adapter that allows you to use it indoors without the battery. It is also waterproof, and you don’t have to worry about the rain.

O2 Cool Electric Portable Fan

If you love simplicity, then this is the right choice. The fan can run using various power sources as it has an AC to plug on the power outlet while still using batteries to run it. This makes it suitable for both home use and camping activities. It is suitable for indoors and outdoors uses, this is the right choice. The fan also has two-speed settings that are high and low. While on a high setting, the fan can go up to 24 hours and 43 hours while on low settings. It is also considered quiet even though it needs lots of batteries to run it. This is considered as an average camping fan. It has a handle that helps you carry it around easily. It is also slim and not bulky.

OPOLAR Rechargeable Camping Fan

This is another fan that can be used both outdoors and indoors. One advantage about it is that it has two rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 2600 mAh. This is more economical compared to other fans. The batteries are rechargeable, and you are offered a USB to charge them of which can also be used to power the fan directly. The fan runs for about 9hours while on the low setting. However, it can run much longer if you carry several power banks with you and depends on your preferred settings. It is also fitted with a carrying handle that makes it easy for you to move it around. You can also use the handle to mount the fan on the ceiling of your camping tent. The fan can also rotate 360 degrees and sideways too depending on you. The best thing about it is that you can easily clean it as it has a metal frame that can be removed completely. This is just one of the best camping fan for you either indoors or outdoors.

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