Overmountain District

Sequoyah Council, BSA



Serving Sullivan, Smyth, Johnson Counties in Tennessee and Washington County Virginia


District Roundtable meets the 1st Thursday of each month @ Central Christian Church,  @ 7:00 PM


Overmountian District

Fall Camporee

This is the 3rd segment of a 3 year Camporee following the 1780 Overmountain Victory Trail to King’s Moun-tain. This trail lead to the turning point in the American Revolu(onary War. Bri(sh Major Patrick Ferguson was defeated at King’s Mountain October 7, 1780 by a group of mountain men from this area. Overmountain District started on the trail in Abingdon, VA in 2014. In 2015 the Camporee was at Fort Wa-tauga at Sycamore Shoals in Elizabethton. This year the Camporee will be at King’s Mountain National Park, South Carolina. We will attend the Park’s events on Saturday October 8. The Park will be open 9-5 with a variety of demonstra(ons: trades and cra;s, cooking, medicine, weapons, children's activities, and more.


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