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Leader Recognition

Every year at each district banquet the districts will recognize those leaders who have shown interest and dedication to Scouting by attending training events and completing the award applications. These awards are a knot that can be worn on the uniform as well as a certificate for the Leadership Training Plan.  The Application for a training award is filled out completely for the appropriate award (the position that the leader is registered in on the units charter).  These awards are to recognize leaders for completing training and tenure for a specific position, not just for serving in a position.


Click on the knot below for the requirements and applications for each

Recognition For Personal Achievement



Arrow of Light

James E West

Adult Religious Service Award

Eagle Scout Award

William T Hornaday Award

District Award of Merit

Venturing Silver Award

Youth Religious Emblem Award

Distinguished Commissioner Service Award


Silver Beaver

Den Leader Award

William D. Boyce Award

Unit Leader Award of Merit

Venturing Leadership Award

Scouter's Key

Scout Leader's Training Award

Knot Placement


The rope loop over the rope ends always is to the wearer's right. The diagram here shows how the knots would look to someone looking at the shirt. The knot images on the rest of this page all show the correct knot direction.


The square knots are to be worn centered directly above the left shirt pocket. The first knot should be placed with its bottom edge touching the top seam of the pocket flap. The next two knots are placed on both sides of the first knot in a straight row of three knots. Additional knots are placed directly above the first row with bottom edge touching top edge of the existing knots.

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