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Did you know the Sequoyah Council has a special recognition for units that hike the Appalachian Trail?

Sequoyah Council established a recognition for those that complete certain portions of the Appalachian Trail. The way the recognition works is once you have completed a segment (listed below), you purchase the patch and the rocker for that segment.  The second through seventh segments you just purchase the segment that was completed.

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Hike any segment below (all letters) to receive the basic round A.T. patch plus appropriate segment rocker.  As additional segments are completed, all seven strips may be earned to complete a circle around the basic patch.  Note that there are alternative segments for I-IV located in Virginia.

Mileage per 2017 A.T. Data Book.


Patch  Segment  Trail Description (South to North) Trail Miles Date Complete


I  A. Allen Gap @ TN 70 to Camp Creek Bald Mtn (“Viking Mtn”) 6.7

 B. Camp Creek Bald Mtn to Devil Fork Gap @ TN 352 (over Big Butt Mtn) 14.9

 C. Devil Fork Gap to Sam's Gap @ US 23 (over Frozen Knob or Lick Rock) 8.5


II A Sam's Gap @ US 23 to Spivey Gap @ US 19W (over Bald Mtn) 13.4

 B. Spivey Gap @ US 19W to Nolichucky River @ Erwin (over No Business Knob) 11.2


III A Nolichucky River @ Erwin to Indian Grave Gap @ TN 395 8.3

 B. Indian Grave Gap to Iron Mtn Gap @ TN 107 (over Beauty Spot/Unaka Mtn) 11.8


IV A. Iron Mtn Gap to Hughes Gap (over Little Rock Knob) 9.4

 B. Hughes Gap to Carver's Gap @ TN 143 on Roan Mtn 6.6

 C. Carvers Gap to US 19E (over Hump Mtn) 14.8


V A. US 19E to Walnut Mtn Road (thru Bishop Hollow) 10.4

 B. Walnut Mtn Road to Dennis Cove Road (over White Rocks Mtn) 14.3

 C. Dennis Cove Road to US 321 @ Shook Branch (over Pond Mtn) 8.6


VI A. US 321 @ Shook Branch to Wilbur Dam Road (across Watauga Dam) 4.4

 B. Wilbur Dam Road to TN 91 on Cross Mtn (along Iron Mtn ridge) 16.1


VII A. TN 91 on Cross Mtn to Low Gap @ US 421 (over Holston Mtn) 6.5

 B. Low Gap to Damascus , VA town hall @ US 58 (along Holston Mtn ridge) 15.0


I A. Damascus to Bear Tree Gap-Shaw Gap Trail (over Straight Mountain) 11.8

 B. Bear Tree-Shaw Gap Trail to Summit Cut US 58 5.3


II A. Summit Cut to Massie Gap (Grayson Highlands State Park) 14.3

 B. Massie Gap to VA 603 Fox Creek 9.8


III A. VA 603 to Dickey Gap (VA 16) 8.3

 B. Dickey Gap to Brushy Mountain 15.3


IV A. Brushy Mountain to Great Valley (US 11/ I 81) 10.2

 B. Great Valley to Rich Valley (VA 42) 12.6


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